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The Daily Show - Medical Marijuana (length: 05:33)

The Daily Show's medical marijuana segment from April 4th, 2001. Years ago I shared my capture of the Even Steph/ven part of this on some p2p programs, and it made its way all over the place (including other users on here!) so I decided to

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Thank you sooooo much for posting old TDS clips, especially Even Stephven ones! Love hearing Stephen say "chronic" - hilarious.

2. Robort magenuis u fag. Medical weed is good. It helps pain. You wouldnt say a person couldnt use ivy or morphine.

3. Drugs may lead to nowhere, but at least it's the scenic route.

4. What's the weather like, up your own ass?

5. Hahahahahah awesome post, too funny