Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Colbert Report - Larsen's Marijuana Question (length: 03:36)

In an interview with Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA), Stephen Colbert noted that Washington is one of the few states that has a medical marijuana program.


Colbert: Your state is one of the few that has a medical marijuana program
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Ned Lamont on The Colbert Report (length: 07:52)

Ned Lamont continued to fail to articulate any meaningful distinction between himself and Sen. Joe Lieberman, apart from Iraq, July 31 on "The Colbert Report."
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Better Know A District "Virginia's 8th" (length: 06:03)

Colbert Report
Episode 126

Better Know A District
Part 7
Virginia's 8th
Rep. Jim Moran
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Stephen Colbert: World War III or IV? (length: 00:59)

Stephen Colbert discusses the pre-emption of the reality show 'The Iraq War' by the reality show 'Lebanon.'
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The Smiling Lieutenant (length: 01:35)

With Claudette Colbert and Maurice Chevalier
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Stephen Colbert Primemory Lane (2004 Democrat Primary Recap) (length: 04:31)

Stephen Colbert of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" explains the Democratic Primary of 2004
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iPod + Colbert - Colbert Green Screen Challenge (length: 00:24)

My entry in the Colbert Green Screen challenge. A little different, but I hope you enjoy it.

Or check it out in YTMND format:

iPod + Colbert is versatile!
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Chuck Noblet in the biker bar (length: 00:56)

Mr. Noblet shares a little too much with the principal and the minister.
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Half Way part I (length: 01:19)

This is the first part to the video im making leave me some comments

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The Colbert Report - Wexler Response (length: 04:16)

Stephen puts the smack down on The Today Show and Good Morning America not to mention all the fluff they call journalisim these days!
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Unicco Janitors On Hunger Strike (length: 02:35)

I did some interviews
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Sexy 19yo Teen on Webcam at Home... (length: 00:21)

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Colbert Report - Cheerleader / Car Testing (length: 03:59)

from 3/6/06 Mr. Colbert reports a cheerleader accident and "flames" car testing magazines. incl. "the word"
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scrambled Eggs 2.0 for June 8, 2006 (length: Disney Distributing Online )

Pirate Bay Shut Down

Xmen VS Streetfighter 2 (length: 09:59)

The Sequel to the classic is finally here!

Stephen Colbert pisses off his guest (length: 04:06)

clip from "The Colbert Report" - Stephen Colbert with Greg Behrendt

Better Know A District "Ohio's 11th" (length: 06:16)

Colbert Report
Episode 112

Better Know A District
Part 3
Ohio's 11th
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Colbert on World War III (length: 01:40)

Colbert wants World War III and is ready for Jesus to come back as a result.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (length: 02:28)

"Scene To Rap" featuring Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Stephen Colbert
[Episode 117 of Whose Line Is It Anyway?]

If you are a fan of Stephen Colbert check out and

Colbert making fun of morning news for deriding his program (length: 04:15)

Colbert defending his interview with Congressman Wexler and makes fun of morning news for deriding his program.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the Martha Stewart trial (length: 10:09)

From 2004-03-08. One of my all time favorite Daily Show segments. Dealing with the media's handling of the Martha Stewart trial. Stephen, Jon and the Daily Show writers at their absolute best! Flawless brilliance...... Anyway, enjoy!

Evil Reverend Fred Phelps Diatribe Against Stewart/Colbert (length: 10:07)

The evil reverend Fred Phelps (best known for picketing funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs) goes off on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on his hate-filled website. (Watch here, not there.)

Stewart and Colbert present at the 2006 Emmys (length: 02:22)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert present the 2006 Emmy Award for best reality show.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stephen R.A.P.S. (length: 03:25)

Colbert Report

The Jaegerr Report episode 1 (length: 03:38)

Retarded spoof on the colbert report =)

The Colbert Report - 2006.06.20 - Snake Lovin' (length: 05:51)

The Colbert Report - 2006.06.20 - Stephen explains how to find out if the reptilian love of your life is male or female.

Colbert World Cup (length: 03:53)


The Daily Show gets the Bananas (length: 05:44)

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart loses it on The Daily Show.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Colbert Report: Episode 29 (Dec.12,2005) (length: 21:20)

Episode 129 according to Wikipedia.
In this episode.

*Guest Harry Smith
*The Wørd: Belly Achin'
*Campaign Against Humbuggery #2
*Un-American News #3
*The In-Box #4


Stuntwars - Roadbike Stunt Film teaser (length: 00:38)

Available from

Over the last 5 years Stuntwars has grown to be the World's largest Superbike freestyle competition. All of the top riders from around the world come to one place to battle it out for the official title o

stop motion 3 (length: 01:07)

/took 20 minutes on this stop motion video

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Colbert game (length: 01:52)

Level for Half Life 2 I made

Colbert's message to videogames (better quality) (length: 00:29)

Stephen Colbert giving a message to videogamers around the world.

Colbert Report 07/20/06 - Florida's 19th district (length: 05:50)

part 27 of The Colbert Report's 434 part series: Better Know A District.