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HOT ASIAN GIRL does STRIPTEASE..... (length: 05:46)

...but she made us turn off the camera for that part. This was how she got warmed up.

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some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. A good example of the state of expat life in Japan. Dullish insecure foreign guys who, because they are different, soon learn that they can pick up better than average Japanese girls hungry for the exotic. In the end, these mediocre ones become spoiled and self-delusional, so that their usually restrained boorishness burst open for all to see. (Note his desperate attempt to appear wild/cool for his loved one. She seems pleased but for how long?) A very instructive & terrifying video!
2. I think the whole situations kind of funny. This video's nothing particularly special, just another one of the thousands of bizarre home-made video on YouTube. And yet, this video in particular is very frequently watched and very poorly rated, all at the same time. Apparently, a massive number of guys all got excited by the title and eagerly clicked on it, and then after watching it, they were all angered at not getting to see any boobies.
3. i think you missed the whole point behind the yellow fever video. philip wang was trying to say that races don't matter when it comes to relationships. he was NOT saying that white guys go to asian girls as a "last resort".

give "yellow fever" another watch...and try to be more open-minded this time. you just might learn something.
4. That's precisely the reason. But it's pretty much false advertisingin a way. See, this is one of those videos out there that are made to be trollbait. Personally I sorta watched about a minute... nothing... and so I fast forwarded to see what I was expecting: More nothing. But the title claims something else. So, it's a bad rating for lying.
5. this is trash. garbage! nice excessive text in the description to improve your search feedback. still doesn't cover up the fact that this is the stupidest thing i've ever seen. anybody that is even remotely impressed by this doesn't have one-third of a brain. good luck living out the remainder of your feeble existence.